Remembering Freedom

'Into Wonder' I painted this a few years ago. I was trying to capture how I saw my youngest daughter approach life. Fully available, wide open to color and wonder. Walking into the void, full throttle, with excitement and pure presence. She had a little … Continue reading Remembering Freedom

Here With You

Sinking lips into your tiny round cheeks, I'm home. Holding your tiny head to my heart, caressing my chin to your downy baby 'chicken fluff' we'll come to call it later, I'm home. Taking in your baby magic scent, I'm home. Pressing nose to nose, … Continue reading Here With You

RIP Poltergeist

After over ten years of an incredibly intense journey as a seeker, I find myself lying fallow. Taking a rest. When I first discovered this uncomfortable fact — threat to the hamster wheel that was my spiritual rat race, I surrendered for dead, but something wouldn’t let … Continue reading RIP Poltergeist